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Fall 2018


Alumni Page Article – April 2019

            March 30th was our Founders Day celebration! This year we were fortunate enough to have some of our brothers from the Ohio State University colony come celebrate with us for their first Founders Day. The event went really well, and it was a great opportunity for the undergraduate students and alumni to reconnect. After lunch, speeches, and dessert, we played jeopardy, with categories ranging from Pi Lambda Phi to TV show to miscellaneous trivia! It was the alumni versus the Baldwin Wallace undergraduates versus the Ohio State undergraduates. After a few tough calls, the Ohio State team took first place—even after taking on a Baldwin Wallace University question (“The current president of Baldwin Wallace”)—the alumni team placing second, and the Baldwin Wallace undergrads graciously accepting a negative score.

            This semester, we transitioned into a new executive board with Jack Smith as our President, Evan Smittle as our VP of New Member Education and Brotherhood Development, Evan Fraser as our VP of Risk Management, Programming & Housing, Ian Stabl as VP of Recruitment, Brandon Zlotnik keeping his previous position of VP of Finance, and Justin Lew as our VP of Communication.

            Earlier this month, we had our Elimination of Prejudice Week, ending with knocking down the wall of prejudice—a wall we had standing up all week for anyone to write any uncensored prejudices they’ve experienced, so that people can hit it down with a hammer at the end of the week!

            Through informal recruitment, we welcome our two newest members of Pi Lambda Phi: Daniel Devney and Jordan Howie! We are very excited to have these two in our chapter and can’t wait for our next two rituals: Big Brother and Initiation! We also have our final ritual, Woodbine, coming up at the end of this month. This will be a bitter-sweet and heartfelt day as we get to say goodbye to our graduating seniors!


Winter Outing - Huge Success

On February 8th, alumni and undergraduates joined together for an opportunity to reconnect, discuss the chapters' current successes and reflect on past times.

The event was held at Shula's 2 Steak and Sports. We had a great showing from both undergrads and alumni.

New undergraduate President - Jack Smith announced that Founders' Day will be on March 30th and the new Pi Lambda Phi colony at Ohio State University will be joining us. Ohio State and Baldwin Wallace share a history as both being part of the Beta Sigma Tau merger. Thank you to everyone who attended, helped plan the event and donated to the Alumni Association to make the event possible.